15 second dates ideas that will up your game

Second dates can be a make or break moment. If it goes well, you‘re well on your way out the starting blocks, but if it doesn’t, chances are you won’t get another chance. So when deciding what to do, bring your best second date ideas to the table. Read more


How to get over a break-up?

Have you recently gone through a break-up? Was it messy and terrible and emotional and soul destroying and you’re not sure if you will ever be able to love again? I know I’m just some stranger on the internet, but I have some advice I would like you to hear. We all have relationships that don’t work out, for as many reasons as there are personality types Read more


18 Interpersonal questions to ask

Tired of asking the same old questions? Although small talk is qualified as an excellent surface conversation, they don’t quite provide insight on a person’s character or personality. Thus, we present to you, the ultimate question guide designed to help you dig deep and avoid those awkward conversation lulls. Read more